The HCL Unica summer release features key updates to the cloud native integrated marketing platform that makes it easier for marketers to orchestrate complex and time sensitive journeys while also driving more impact through integrated next best action.

Marketers can now execute more sophisticated offer personalization based on offer lists, variants and cognitive offer tags with more control over their contact strategy optimization.

With the new HCL Unica OpenInsights framework, marketers now have the flexibility to run analytics on the platform of their choice.

Key features and benefits of the updated HCL Unica platform

Enhanced HCL Cloud Native Foundation

  • Dockerized deployment of latest platform updates
  • Efficiently manage your HCL Unica deployment with powerful search and visualization built on an ELK stack
  • Streamlined HCL Unica deployments with integrated CI/CD pipeline and embedded HCL Unica Link deployment through HCL SoFy
  • Open source stack support with quick and easy Tomcat app server deployment

Integrated Goal-Based Marketing

  • Make your customer journeys impactful with integrated next best call to action (offer) and timed actions to deliver them at the right moment.
  • Drive more engagement with offer personalization based on static and smart offer lists, static offer variants, 3rd party cognitive offer tags and multi segment eligibility.
  • Streamline your execution with portable and reusable journeys and contact strategy optimization that allows on demand selection of campaigns.
  • Harness the power of your marketing data with our new HCL Unica OpenInsights solution that lets you run analytics on the platform of your choice

Messaging without Limits

  • Elevated message build experience with QuickBuilder editor enhancements for SMS and support for reusable communication across mailings.
  • Ensure your customer outreach is privacy compliant with integrated email opt outs for journeys and two way SMS opt outs
  • Increase your email open rates with powerful send time mailing analytics powered by HCL Unica OpenInsights
  • Trigger real-time personalized messaging on Push channel through HCL Unica Interact’s Deliver gateway


Go beyond marketing with HCL Unica. Create engaging experiences that convert!