The HCL Unica Summer Release brings you an enviable list of new features and improvements from across different areas of the HCL Unica Marketing platform, with the three major highlights:

1. Usability and Functional Improvements with Marketing Central

2. More Nimble and Cohesive Real Time Personalized Interactions with Personalization Playback and learning enabled across channels.

3. Improved Outbound Channel Effectiveness with Sender ID (SMS) Consolidation and Conversational WhatsApp Messaging.

Key Features and Benefits of
The HCL Unica Summer Release

UI and Functional Improvements

  • A simplified and easy-to-use audience and segment central, in addition to traditional interfaces available in campaign.
  • Customer interaction events and event patterns available to enable learning and personalization across channels, making personalization truly omnichannel.
  • Better planning and collaboration through “out of office” scheduling to help delegate marketing tasks to team members.

Improved Inbound and Outbound Channel Effectiveness

  • Better customer engagement through support of conversational messaging in Whatsapp.
  • Real-time insights to channel managers about uptick of recent offers across audience and segments via Interact Personalization Playback.


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