Why get this report?

  • Understand the how-tos of planning and creating an Omnichannel strategy.

  • Unravel the relationship the CMO and the CTO should share for a company's steady growth.

  • Learn about the effects of GDPR legislation on various industries and sectors.

Key takeaways from the report

Telecom icon

Does the Industry need Digital Transformation?

Today’s car buyer interacts with an average of 24 research touchpoints —what does that conclude?

Travel and hospitality icon

Did the GDPR revolution affect the sector?

The GDPR has led to car dealerships having less access to data for marketing purposes.

Consumer Goods icon

Only 6% marketers obtain Complete Customer Views

The lack of data sharing between sales, marketing, finance is holding companies back from creating unified Customer Experiences.

Finanical Services icon

What is the easiest way to sell more cars?

Consumers expect the stores to be an extention of their digital experience with branded, augmented & immersive interactions.

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