What’s New in This New Ems Evaluation?

  • Discover why B2C Marketers must adapt their strategies and seek out new ways to engage customers across physical and digital environments.

  • Learn how Enterprise Marketing Suite vendors have focused on advancing core functionality and making their offerings accessible to more customers.

  • Now EMS solutions provide legitimate support for the midmarket and emphasize specialized capabilities for data, marketing, and customer experience (CX).

  • Discover how many providers in our evaluation also invested in user experience (UX) updates and streamlined their offerings with repackaged, repriced, and industry-specific solutions.

Key takeaways from the report

Build a Unified Marketing Stack

Extend beyond rote messaging campaigns

Advanced control over messaging channels like email and SMS have become table stakes for EMS vendors. Solutions that excel unify.

Refocusing the conversation around Data Privacy

Take a clear stance on the customer data platform

Marketers’ dependence on data propels the customer data platform (CDP) category into the mainstream: 24% of B2C marketing decision-makers.

Align the CTO with the role of the CMO

Integrate seamlessly with the rest of the tech stack

Integration is the secret to successful EMS solutions because most companies’ martech needs.

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