Flexible and customizable out-of-the-box connectors for leading email, SMS and CRM vendors


Simple intuitive UI for designing campaigns and customer journeys


Seamlessly integrate 3rd party touchpoints


Shorten your time to market


Open API driven framework

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They alll need to...

But they often ask...

How do we properly execute personalized campaigns in a complex environment where thousands of offers are being delivered to various audiences simultaneously?

Unica is the most scalable marketing platform in the industry, able to deliver billions of offers to precise segments for outbound and inbound campaigns.


31% of consumers want more personalized engagements. Can Unica help us create an immediate impact with customers at every interaction?

Unica is the only true online and offline marketing solution that provides timely personalized communications to create memorable consumer experiences.


As a digital marketer, how can I deliver new martech use cases with new channels without depending on IT deployment and ETL project integration?

Unica can integrate new channels to enrich your audiences and create new real-time campaigns without relying on other teams.


Our team that builds offers is different from the team that executes campaigns. Can Unica create transparency and collaboration between these teams?

Unica has Centralized Offer Management (COM) to unify and integrate offers with other channels across the Unica portfolio.


We need a martech solution that can scale with our business and guarantee uptime and quick support response time. Can Unica help?

Unica provides a robust integration between applications by baking in performance and reliability aspects like authentication, throttling and retry strategies